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In their committment to Canadian, the Canadian/Hemphill County EDC has funded a new service available to anyone who has an idea for a new business or who already owns a business and could use some business advice. This service is available to you free of charge! We’ve asked our Leading EDG facilitator Spencer McElhannon to tell you a little more about the service Leading EDG offers.


Leading EDG is a provider of business facilitation and entrepreneur development services to communities in Texas. Leading EDG provides these services to individuals within a community, through a fixed fee for service contract, with local Economic Development Corporations.

These services are provided to the individual business owner or aspiring business owner, at no cost to them. This no cost structure allows all community members to participate. It provides the opportunity for individuals to explore the viability of any business idea. It also provides a support structure for existing businesses to obtain assistance with managing business growth. This broad scope assures that all new business ideas and existing business needs are given adequate support in furtherance of community economic growth and development goals.

Leading EDG has been providing these services since April 2009 with great success in communities in the Texas Panhandle and South Plains.

Leading EDG consultants develop a long-term relationship with local business clients. The service to existing business clients is a customized support plan tailored to each client’s specific needs. A long-term relationship is the hallmark of the Leading EDG program. This long-term relationship allows for continuity and adaptability.

Leading EDG provides services that are unique- in that they are hands on, one-on-one, and customized to each client’s unique situation. Client meetings usually occur at the client’s place of business or at the local Economic Development Offices, meetings are confidential, and the timing and progress are client driven.

So, if you have a business idea or need assistance with your existing business give us a call at 806-367-2772, and setup your appointment today!

Spencer McElhannon

About our guest blogger, Spencer McElhannon:

Spencer has been an entrepreneur for the past 25 years. His background includes experience in light manufacturing, personal and professional services, technology, oil & gas, and agriculture. Over the past two decades, Spencer has built businesses in Texas, Colorado, New York, Tennessee, California and the Eastern Caribbean. Spencer, along with two partners, was recognized by INC. Magazine as one of the “INC. 500” – a national ranking of the 500 fasting growing private companies in America. Spencer is a graduate of Baylor University.

Spencer will also be speaking at a Lunch and Learn on Friday, September 14th if you would like to learn more about what Leading EDG offers or just pick his brain. The Lunch and Learn will be held at the Hemphill County Library at noon on the 14th.

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