Chamber Spotlight: Canadian Carpet Care

Spotlight GraphicTwenty years ago, Tamara Walser, owner and operator of Canadian Carpet Care, had no idea she would be the owner of one of the most successful, long-running businesses in Canadian. She just knew she couldn’t sit at home another day.

Tamara and Trailer
Tamera and her trailer – ready for another day’s work!

As a little girl, Tamara would spend hours in her dad’s Amarillo carpet cleaning office. Young Tamara would clean carpets, help out with spreadsheets, answer phones – anything to spend a little extra time with her dad. Tamara continued working with her dad all through high school. He was the President of the SW Carpet Cleaners Association and she would spend time with him and people who made carpet and cleaners. They’d talk about different ways to clean new carpet, spot cleaning, warranty work. She would come back and read all his books, soaking up the information.

A lover of family, Tamara never intended to leave Amarillo, even after meeting her soon to be husband Rodney Walser. After all, he lived in Amarillo, so no problem. Fast forward six months – Rodney was moving back to the farm in Canadian, Texas. A month later they were engaged and in April of 1998, city girl Tamara found herself a newlywed mother at home on the farm with a little girl and no idea what to do with herself. She had always worked and suddenly, she didn’t HAVE to work. Tamara had job offers all over town, but didn’t want to just work to pay for daycare. Rodney made a suggestion – why not have a carpet cleaning business in Canadian? In June of 1998, Tamara went to her dad’s shop, bought all the equipment she would need, put an ad in the Canadian Record, and the rest is history. Word spread of Canadian Carpet Care, the quality and determination of Tamara’s work, and soon she had jobs in Canadian and beyond, with families recommending her to other family members in Wheeler, Shamrock, Wellington, Perryton, Shattuck, Miami, and Woodward.

Tamara and Rodney Walser

“It’s just amazing where God takes our lives that we didn’t know and we didn’t plan. God truly had my life planned out for me. And here I thought I did. But HE did. And I look back on it twenty years later and I think, have I really done this? Have I accomplished this? This is me? This is my life? I’m in shock and awe and I’m really grateful.”

The Walser Family

Tamara and Rodney now have three girls: 22-year-old Kayln who just graduated from college, 16-year-old Kilie and 11-year-old Adison. Her girls have grown up helping around the farm and with Canadian Carpet Care, just like Tamara did with her dad. This is a family business. If one of her carpet cleaning machines breaks down, Rodney fixes it. The girls were pushing wands when they were 2-3 just to help mom out. She even had customers who would say, “You can’t come clean my carpets unless you bring that baby!” Tamara says that’s part of what she looks back on – the customers who supported her business and her family.

It’s hard to be an outsider. When she first moved to town, Tamara didn’t know anybody, but Canadian Carpet Care literally gave her the friends and family she has now, people who have encouraged her along the way. Her generous heart and work ethic have also given her the opportunity to help people – giving work to struggling women around town. “I’ve had five different ladies that have worked for me off and on, whether they clean my house or come with me on a trailer,” says Tamara. “I could give them money but I always feel like it means more when you can work for it.” Most of her work, she does by herself. She likes the quiet or sometimes will listen to a book on tape – Christian books or fiction like the Hunger Games series. She also enjoys company when she works on a two-person job like duct work or tile. Whatever she’s doing, Tamara enjoys her job. “One thing I love about my job, every day is different. I meet different people, different homes. Not any carpet or furniture is the same. It’s fun for me that everything is different and everything is a challenge. You exhaust everything you know to think it out and get it done. Some stuff is easy, but some stuff’s not. You just have to make that hard stuff work.”

Canadian Carpet Care celebrated its 20th anniversary in June of this year and this company is still going strong. Their list of services is impressive, including 24-hour fire and water restoration, carpet, furniture, tile and grout, vehicles, Oriental rugs, Scotchgard, hardwood floors, drapes, air ducts, carpet re-stretch and repair, janitorial services, and even carpet and hardwood sales! Tamara knows her stuff!

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