Chamber Spotlight: Bartlett’s Lumber & Hardware

Terrill Bartlett, President of Bartlett’s Lumber & Hardware

The bottom of Main Street in Canadian, Texas is home to a beautiful brick building with the name Canadian boldly printed beneath the old Santa Fe Railroad cross. Painted on the garage doors are two murals of classic rail cars. This building, warehouse of Bartlett’s Lumber and Hardware, used to be just another steel building, but ten years ago, when Canadian’s Main Street was getting a new brick makeover, the owners of Bartlett’s decided their building needed to be as beautiful as the new street. Without any request or prompting from anyone, they put up the brick facade and paid to have the murals painted on the doors. This pride in their building tells you a little bit about the pride the Bartlett family takes in their hometown and in their business.

William Bartlett, founder of Bartlett’s Lumber and Hardware, started the business in 1937, and it has been in the family ever since. Since that first store was built in Canadian, they now have ten stores spread throughout the Texas panhandle and employee around 100 people. William’s son Terrill is the president of Bartlett’s and from his office right here in Canadian, he closely monitors the lumber market, which is as active as any of the other markets on Wall Street. Working with mills all over the world, he purchases lumber for all ten stores.

Bartlett’s Store in Canadian, Texas

Terrill grew up in the lumber business and he’s done every job there is to do at Bartlett’s, from sweeping the floors as a little boy, to working the registers, managing the store, and everything in between. That’s the way Bartletts grow up, and that is the way it has continued. Vice Presidents of the company Coleman Bartlett, Bryan Bartlett, and Kimberly Bartlett Harland followed in Terrill and older brother Tom’s footsteps to continue to be a part of the family business. With eight grandchildren just for Terrill alone, the future of the company looks to stay in the family’s hands.

A daily part of Terrill’s job is staying competitive with what other stores are doing, but he says one of the biggest challenges they face is keeping people shopping local. Bartlett’s has a great supply of products and if they don’t have it, they can order it! So don’t think you have to make the long drive to Amarillo to get what you want. Let Bartlett’s help you with any of your lumber and hardware needs. And don’t forget that when you shop local, you are supporting local families like theirs and yours.

Find then online at their website or Facebook page.

Inside Bartlett’s Canadian Store

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