We Dare you to Share your #fabfindsincanadiantx!

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Did you know that The Flower Shop creates a lot of their own boxes and signs? Did you know the Store has more than just gorgeous furniture but great gifts? Did you know The Gettin’ Place has home decor? Did you know The Citadelle has a gift shop? Not to mention all the great things from several other unique stores in Canadian!

Well we dare you to share! Share your Fab Finds on Facebook, Instagram, this blog – however you want to share them, but add the hashtags #fabfinds and #fabfindsincanadiantx so we can spread the word about all the great things you can buy from the unique stores in Canadian, Texas. This blog featured home decor, but this is just the first in a series. What other #fabfinds do you want to see? Tell us in the comments below!

We can’t wait to see your #fabfindsincanadiantx!

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