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Canadian Printing and Design – even the name of this business says community. It starts with Canadian! Owner Leslie Fry has built her life, her family, and her business in this town. She is excited about her newest opportunity to give back and that excitement is contagious!

Leslie Fry – owner of Canadian Printing and Design

Leslie grew up in Canadian. Her family moved here when she was in the first grade and she graduated from Canadian High School. Leslie went off to college at Texas Tech (go Red Raiders!) and after she finished college, she immediately moved back to her home town – her college boyfriend and now husband, Russell Fry, in tow. With her brand, spanking new English and Journalism degree, she started working for The Canadian Record while Russell became the director of the YMCA. In 2001, with a brand new baby boy and a desire to start their own business, Leslie and Russell bought Canadian Printing and Design. Shortly thereafter, Salem Abraham made Russell “an offer he couldn’t refuse” so the new business was all Leslie’s.

A creative, dedicated, working mom, Leslie went on to have two more boys and kept striving to make her business grow. Moving from the over-sized building on Purcell to her two-story home, she was able to be with her kids as she worked. While they slept in the bassinet or played outside, Leslie worked, designing something new all the time and ironing her designs onto a colorful array of shirts, or printing them on business cards, posters, or letterhead. Her constant stream of new ideas is inspiring!

Momma Leslie
Will Fry – the last of Leslie’s “work babies” – and Leslie

Canadian Printing and Design has moved to a few different locations – from her home, Leslie relocated to an office on the edge of town and finally to the little red building that she shares with Tiffany Carpenter of Canadian Sign Company, but her design skills, hard work, and excellent customer service have kept her clients loyal.

Canadian Printing and Design’s building, shared with Canadian Sign Company

From school shirts to event shirts and everything in between, Leslie’s work has been worn by practically every kid and most adults in Canadian. Not to mention posters for the rodeo, business cards, and letterhead, Leslie has designed and printed for this town non-stop. She is grateful to have a business that allows her to take time off for her kid’s band concert or doctor visits, while still outfitting half the town.

Leslie, shirt folder extraordinaire!

But it’s a new project that has Leslie’s eyes twinkling. After the tragic fires that hit this area last year, everyone was scrambling for some way to help. Leslie did what she does best, she designed a t-shirt. Sales for her shirt supporting the local volunteer firefighters were huge and Leslie was proud to be able to write a check for $4000 to hand over to Canadian Fire Chief Scott Brewster. “This is a new approach that we’d never thought of before,” Leslie says. “It sustains our business and we are able to do fun, interesting t-shirts we’ve never done before. It also allows other people to give back. Instead of just asking for money, this is a way they can get some neat shirts but they are also able to donate. It’s fun for us to be able to write a check we wouldn’t have been able to write.”

SB Check
Canadian Fire Chief Scott Brewster with the $4,000 check from Canadian Printing and Design.

Inspired by the firefighter shirt’s success, Leslie set out to help more. She designed a human*kind shirt, and promised to put local non-profits in a hat and donate the proceeds to whichever was pulled. She hoped to sell around 25-30 shirts. She’s sold almost 100. Which means she is excited to report that $900 will be donated to Snack Pak 4 Kids.

HK Collage
Leslie’s human*kind design and her youngest son, Will Fry, showing off the winner of the drawing.

Leslie’s dedication to her customers, her family, and her community are just a few of the reasons we chose to feature her for our first Chamber Spotlight. We are proud to have her as a Chamber member and look forward to many more years of Canadian Printing and Design as part of Canadian.

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  1. Congratulations Leslie, and thank you for all you do to help and support the community. RLH is honored that you serve on our Board!

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