Introducing your new and improved Chamber/EDC team!


The Canadian-Hemphill County Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Corporation – wow, that’s a mouthful! This long title comes down to one small office with one big goal, supporting the businesses and people of Canadian, Texas. We do this in a lot of ways: events to improve the quality of life for residents and to draw in visitors, grants and loans to new and existing businesses, recruitment of potential businesses, spreading the word about Canadian through various marketing efforts, and so much more!

In order to make that goal happen, we have made some changes to our team and we are excited to let you know about them!


Aracely (aka Cely) Ruiz has worked for the Chamber over the past three years as a part-time office assistant. And boy is she a hard worker! We are proud to announce that she is now our full-time administrative assistant and receptionist. Her radiant smile welcomes visitors, both English and Spanish-speaking, to Canadian and she is always willing to help or answer any of your questions. Cely grew up in Canadian and loves this community and her family, including two nieces and a nephew. She is excited to be a permanent part of the Chamber team and we are thrilled to have her!


Shane Spencer joined the team as the Executive Director of the Economic Development Corporation in 2015. A job that is definitely not for the faint of heart, Shane hit the ground running and has been full of ideas since day one! His excitement and desire to make Canadian great is contagious. Shane is always eager to hear about ways to improve a current business or to bring new businesses to Canadian.  Movie-buff Shane and his wife Kimberlee spent ten years running the Palace Theatre after moving to Canadian. Shane and his never-ending energy (some sort of miracle after five kids!) can be found at the Chamber office or talking in Alexander’s with someone who has a new plan they want to see happen!

Chamber_Headshots_2017_22Kat Decker joined the Chamber/EDC in 2009. A transplant from Oklahoma City, she fell in love with Canadian and its people the first day she arrived. Hired at the Chamber to be administrative assistant/receptionist, she quickly expanded her job duties to include graphic designer and social media marketing. When Shane arrived as Executive Director, the ideas for marketing Canadian even better started flowing around the office like wildfire! But Kat was wearing too many hats to handle it all herself. So with Shane’s recommendation, the EDC Board decided to hire a new admin and make Kat the Chamber/EDC’s Director of Marketing. Kat is excited to tell the world about Canadian and help them to fall in love with this beautiful town the way she did!


Our Director of Chamber and Events, Jackie McPherson has lived in Canadian all her life and has worked for the Chamber/EDC since 2001. Often called the “Canadian Google,” Jackie knows the history and people of Canadian better than anyone. If you ever want to know who lived in the blue house at the end of the street, just ask Jackie! Her soft heart and love for Canadian is apparent in her kind eyes and shining smile. She is a mother of two and a grandmother of one with another grandbaby on the way. Jackie works tirelessly to make Canadian the best place to live and raise a family in the Texas panhandle. If you have an idea for an event or questions about being a member of the Chamber of Commerce, Jackie would love to sit and chat with you. And she will probably get your life history out of you without you even knowing!



2 thoughts on “Introducing your new and improved Chamber/EDC team!

  1. I just love the way yall have really worked to give Canadian such a great reputation.. and you have done a great job marketing every event that is taking place…. I’m so proud to say Canadian is my hometown… I brag about the wonderful little town that i got to grow up in…. <3 Yall should be so proud!!!!

    1. Thank you Sandra for the compliments and great feedback! We’re pretty proud of this little town, too!

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